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Butchy’s BBQ History


Tamera is originally from Barbados, and moved here when she was very young. She enjoys cooking for other people, especially using Butchy’s BBQ!


James loves cooking for other people. He is the genius behind the recipes for our sauces and rubs.
Our journey began two years after my husband and I met. He made me beef brisket on one of our first dates. When I asked him where he bought the BBQ sauce he used, he told me he made it. Later that year, my husband came up with the idea to start a catering service, so we began that business and consistently used the homemade sweet and spicy sauce. Our customers fell in love with it! They suggested we start selling it, and here we are making our dream a reality, bringing something new and authentic to the table.Butchy’s BBQ continues to grow to this day! We keep busy with our catering service, as well as other events within our Hyde Park community. We currently have our BBQ sauce and rub for sale – click here to learn more details about our shop. If you have any questions for us, please give us a call today!

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